Best Time to Visit Gir National Park

Gir National Park is one of the best places for wild life lovers and nature lovers to have a splendid vacation amidst their family to rejuvenate themselves. It is the only place in the world other than Africa, which offers you an opportunity to spot Asiatic lions apart from other wild animals. You will have a memorable vacation amidst the overwhelming sights and the incredible encounters.

Gir National Park, lure the lovers of ‘King of the jungle’. So if you are planning to visit to Gir National Park then enquire properly about the best season and the best time to visit Gir. Every season has different opportunities for the tourists.

Gir Forest in Winter (November-February)- It is said that winter is the  best season to visit Gir. Winter season starts from November to February. It is the best season to visit Gir especially with your family as weather in these seasons are pleasant and accommodating. The temperature in these season ranges from 10 degree C to 22 degree C and so it’s neither too hot nor too cold. In these seasons, tourists have the opportunities to indulge themselves in various activities and they enjoy the lush greenery environment after monsoon.

Spotting of the wild animals also become easier as they also prefer to enjoy in mild weather. Tourists have to take the help of jeep safari along with a professional guide to explore the Gir National Park nicely. It takes about three hour to complete the entire journey of exploring the national park. You can enjoy the thrilling and the life time experience when you will get the opportunities to encounter the majestic Asiatic lions. In winter season, safari ride to explore Gir National Park is conducted in four batches: at 6 am, 9am, 12 pm and 3 pm. Apart from this, the tourists can also enjoy the journey of Gir Interpretation Zone. It is said that, winter season is the best time for the wild life lovers and the nature lovers to experience every cranny and nook of the Gir forest. In winter season, you can also experience the company of migratory bird which will be a bonus for the tourists, especially for wild life photographers.

Gir Forest in Summer ( March-June) – From last march to June, tourists have to experience extremely hot and humid weather. The temperature in summer season varies from 28 degree C to 48 degree C . Still most of the tourists prefer to visit Gir in summer season only. But it is advisable for the tourists planned to visit Gir in summer season, to wind up all their activities of exploring the park early in the morning only. In the late morning the hot wind starts blowing and it becomes miserable for the tourists to explore the park. Tourists get relief in the evening, as the weather changes. In the evening hours, tourists can have good time in wandering as in Gir the sun sets by 7 pm. For wild life photographers, the summer season is said to be the best time as they get the opportunity to shoot wild animals as well as of natural beauty.

Gir Forest in Monsoon ( July-October)- This is not the right time to visit Gir, as due to monsoon, the Gir National Park remains closed from June to October. In the monsoon, it is very difficult to spot any wild animals and to explore the jungle. Due to rain, the wild animals protect themselves by hiding under shelter. So it is almost impossible for the tourists to spot any animal of their choice in Gir Jungle during monsoon season. Due to rain, it is also not possible to conduct jeep safaris in the jungle to explore the park. But monsoon is the best season for the national parks for prospering and flourishing. The entire national parks get imbued with new life and thus offers incredible sight to the tourists after monsoon.

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